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Make no mistake about it, CB. Kool is a Professional Wrestling Star. The Koolest Kat in Town has gained international fame, becoming a household name to children and adults all over the world. He has made his presence felt immediately upon entering the independent pro-wrestling scene; his custom ring attire, cocky attitude and condescending glare makes him one of the most recognizable superstars of the independent wrestling world and he has made his mark as a true pro-wrestling champion at NWA CWFL. As much as the
 fans despise his self-centered attitude, nearly everybody realized that CB. Kool has all the trappings needed to succeed (He is truly a guy that the fans love to hate). CB. Kool is an innovator in the pro-wrestling industry. From the customized costuming and tendency to address the audience over the house microphone, to the in-ring promo that has become synonymous with his character, 

CB. Kool is someone fans will never forget. His constant belittlement of the "fat, out of shape, sweat-hog" fans always manages to get a huge reaction. Pro-Wrestling fans love him and hate him. His patented expressions can be recited verbatim by any fan today. CB Kool's in-ring persona is that of a street smart, egocentric ladies' man. But to his friends, family, and those fans who have had an opportunity to meet him, CB. Kool is a good person, a devoted friend and an honorable man. Tribunals from pro-wrestling fans who have had the opportunity to meet CB. Kool. They explain how CB. Kool is nice and kind outside of the squared circle, always willing to take the time to converse and sign autographs before leaving the stadium he performed in that night. Fans of CB. Kool tell how nice the guy really is off camera when they would see CB. Kool playing a cruel heel on TV. and then sign autographs for children and fans in the during intermission and after the show. He is most famous for his victories in multi-opponent matches like the 3 way dance. Often the smallest guy in the ring he looks as nervous as R. Kelly at a playground. 

But with Jade creating distractions at ring side he seems to always pull of the victory. By now, you've probably been stung by the razor sharp tongue and genius wit of CB. Kool and have been burning up your DVD player over and over again watching his matches. His sudden climb
 to professional wrestling championship status demonstrates that he still has a lot of room to roam and is as hot - talent and career wise - as ever. If you are finding it hard to wait until he comes to a city near you with his tour that launches next year, there's a little something that may ease the pain. A DVD called CB. Kool's Greatest Hits has recently been released and shows a glimpse of what's to come from the NWA CWFL front man. Through performances and interview footage, the DVD takes viewers through the daily life of CB. Kool and the lovely Jade and culminates with CB. Kool in some of his finest matches in front of a live audience. Stay tuned; there's certainly more Kool to come.

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