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All the flowers on earth gathered together to form a stairway ascending from heaven so that the most blessed of all women could come down to inspire wrestling fans of the world. The woman who's decorous charm would make all women admire her and all men cherish her hypnotic loveliness that will make us cherish her always. The sagacious Jade: NWA CWFL's First Diva Super Star has a presence so intense that she simply lights up the air with the sensuality of her voice and the exquisite shape of her flawless physique.  Her majestic beauty goes beyond paradise into the light of divine fantasy. Her ideal curves are as elegant asthe aesthetic shape of rain drops as they fall cascading from the aromatic silky petals of perfect red roses. Her wickedly tasty lips

transcend the sound of her voice into an extraordinarily intoxicating audio elixir of love carried to the ears of wrestling fans as if it rode on the wings of heavenly messengers. She is the sensational eternal good luck charm of the diabolical C.B. Kool, the Koolest Kat in town. Having this diva in his corner is an absolute advantage.  When things get bad in the ring for C.B. Kool, Jade turns things around by controlling his opponent. This consecrated charmer can tranquilize their anger with a
wink and a smile. The diabolical C.B. Kool with the most diva-luscious manager in wrestling, Jade make the perfect pair. The classical beauty of Jade is making heads turn and draw awes from the crowd as she enters the ring side area. She is an angelic beauty dressed all in black looking devilishly sensual with her glowing dark green eyes as deep and dreamy as mirrors looking into your soul. Jade's divine face is framed by the flowing locks of her silky golden brown hair centered by her jewel like eyes the color of soft jade stones with intoxicating beauty that creates an irresistible distraction at ringside for the Koolest Kat in Town, C.B. Kool. The infectious beauty of Jade is glowing as illuminant
as if she were standing on a ray of sunshine down at ringside. This rising super star of the independent wrestling circuit appears as lovely as the reincarnation of Aphrodite - Greek goddess of love and the embodiment of beauty, Also know as Venus in Roman mythology. The enchanting Jade is a one woman fashion show often wearing a seductive form fitted dress that may have been provided by the Dairy Workers Association as a tribute to lactose tolerance. Her fiery sensuality is eternally ablaze making the fans in the first three rows feel as hot as if they had caught a fatal fever of passion and has the local fire Marshall afraid that she might trigger the sound of the fire alarm system as she walks down to ringside in the form of Jade,

 independent wrestling's first Diva superstar and a rising star of the entire wrestling world.  Her harmonious voice echoes through the wrestling arenas like the sound of Angels singing as she shouts commands and words of encouragement to her man C.B. Kool. This red-hot little lady has proven herself to be the manager that encapsulates both inherent beauty and intellect. She looks like some beautiful government sponsored buoyancy experiment trimmed in lace and leather like the finest Valentine's Day Gifts. What other independent wrestling celebrities have to say about the hypnotically elegant Jade: Commentator, Jeff Grice said: "I can describe Jade in just two words. Those two words are OUCH AND WOW!" NWA CWFL Commissioner and Commentator, Rick Love said: "As the manager and Valet of C.B. Kool, the Koolest Kat in town, she could be the resurrected goddess Athena - Greek goddess of warriors or more appropriately she would be Muses - the Greek goddess of poetic inspirations. The always classy Rick Love has also been quoted as saying "She looks so good and aerodynamic from behind she could be an Azztronaut." She's got everything that a woman needs to please a man. 36-24-36! The lovely Jade is the leather clad enchantress who's devilishly delicious outfits complete with leather whip always draws whistles of admiration from the cheering crowd. She is meant to be a star. Ring announcer and commentator, Steve Michaels had this to say about Jade: "Jade's voice is as soothing as a lullaby of harp music and as warm as the flame of a cinnamon scented bath candle. The upbeat energy of her voice seems to be the only inspiration needed by the cruel C.B. Kool. The ardently decorous Jade by his side makes him nearly invincible. The manager provocateur, Jade is a red-hot little lady that is proving to be a manager that encapsulates both beauty and brains as she leads C.B. Kool in this game of human chess."  When C.B. Kool himself was asked how he felt about Jade in a recent Straight Shooting Radio Show Interview; he said: "She is all I could ever want. She's the kind of girl you like to flaunt and take to dinner. Jade always knows her place. She's got style. She's got grace. Jade makes me a winner. 
She is never in the way when I am in the ring, she has always got something smart to say. Jade is a true lady, and the lady is mine! What she has got is hard to find and I don't want to ever lose her. She knows me through and through. Jade knows just what to do. She knows that she pleases me. I love her in all ways." The often poetic, Ricardo Romantico, was quoted as saying: "Jade is an Angel come to life just as fine as she can be. Her body 

measurements are perfect in every dimension. She has got a figure that sure enough gets attention. She is poetry in motion. She is a beautiful sight to see. Men get sooo excited viewing her "Anatomy." She is built, No!!!, She is STACKED! She has all the curves a man likes. Jade looks like the essence of beauty, more than any man deserves to have. She is foxy, classy, sexy, sassy, she is a heavenly treat for the eyes to see." The awe inspiring Jade will continue to appear as lovely as ever with fans waiting for a chance at seeing the enchanting valet at upcoming wrestling shows and autograph sessions around the country.

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